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For the spiritual entrepreneur
out to make a lasting impact and generate
recurring abundanc
e, ease and flow.


The Retainer


Meet your marketing guide.

Hello beautiful being, my name is
Alicia Munian, a Marketing Specialist evolved to Chief Marketing Officer over the past 9 years. I am also an Intuitive Coach who has successfully ran over 12 retreats and worked with over 400 clients. 

Through my marketing journey, I have worked in a variety of different background ranging from a presidential campaign race, to a multi-million dollar insurance company, to wellness and spiritual organizations. Through my journey, I discovered the power of what marketing is--and I recognized that I need to focus on the projects that I am passionate about and people who share a vision for a more conscious world. 

I have always been passionate about spirituality, and without this connection, I wouldn't be here today. I have overcome depression through intensive spiritual work, and I fully believe that the divine lives within all of us.

Part of my dharma is helping other to fully amplify their voice, and shine their messaging and intention out to the world.  

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Attraction Marketing

I fully believe that marketing is an energy that we put out into the world. Our soulmate clients are already waiting for us, and we just have to find a way to connect to them by amplifying our light and matching that energy. 

My expertise includes:

  • Social Media Marketing

  • High-Ticket Offer Package Creation

  • Branding and Energy

  • Funnel Strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic Design

  • E-Book Creation

  • Email Marketing

  • Product Design

  • Digital Course Creation

  • Retreat Coordination

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Past Results

Soul Mastery University 4.png

Sohmalife (Soul Mastery University)

Over the past 3 years, I have helped Soul Mastery University, an online spiritual education business  grow from a $1,000 a month business to a $190k a year empire. Moving SMU online through building their website, it has been an amazing journey of growth. Acting as the Chief Marketing Officer, I helped to execute retreats to The Edgar Caycee Center, Egypt, and Costa Rica. I have also helped to build business structure and strategy including templates, branding, and flow setting up dropshipping, and evergreen courses.

BBB 7.png

Buddha Belly Bang

An online CBD company now working their way up to owning their own store. I have worked with BBB over the past 2 years and now have gotten them into a place of calling in averaging $1,500 per month. From product design, to email marketing, to strategy, I have helped BBB maintain a clear vision of their product and goals.

Whole Harmony Home.png

Whole Harmony Healing

Jaleaa took the leap from working 9-5 to being full time in her holistic healing business. Over the past year, I helped Jaleaa create the foundation of her online coaching business and moved her to a point where she is now hosting international retreats, and sold out of her first one.


Growth Packages


The Lotus Growth Package

If you want some support but are still getting started, this is for you.

This basic package will give you support to move yourself out of any stagnate energy you're experiencing in your business.

You will get 10-15 hours of help a month - divide up the time based on needs:

  • Get yourself in a steady flow with content creation

  • Chat access

  • Bi-Weekly Support meetings & lessons

  • Landing Page Editing + Creation

  • Course Creation

  • Email Newsletters

  • Social Media Posts

  • SEO Blog Writing

  • Reel Creation

(Retreat Coordination + E-Book Creation is not included in this package) 

$444 / Month

Crab Nebula

The Cosmic Growth Package

If you're ready to run full speed with your business, this is for YOU. 

All marketing services are included in this package. Think of me as your Marketing BFF. 

You will get 30-40 hours of help a month and we will divide up the time based on your needs:

  • Unlimited chat access (for those late night or anytime kind of questions)

  • Weekly Meetings- We go over everything from strategy, to sales insights, to brainstorming, to healing limiting beliefs.

  • Retreat Coordination Support- YOUR DREAMS ARE THE LIMIT! I will help you to coordinate your retreats from marketing materials, to budgeting, to accommodations. By the way, I'm a licensed travel agent ;). 

  • Weekly email newsletters

  • SEO Blog Writing

  • Social Media Posts

  • Reel Creation

  • Landing Page Editing + Creation

  • Direct engaging support with building your community

$777 / Month

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Step into It

Don't forget, you're the CEO. Imagine your time that is being spent taking care of the little nuances of marketing are now freed up. You get more energy to focus on the aspects of your business that you LOVE, and keep nourishing yourself.

You can only grow as big as your willing to go.

Take a moment and step into the energy of pure ABUNDANCE. If your soul is craving an expansion in your business--this is it. Your energy will only be amplified. 

Let's play, grow and build together.

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